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Work Home Union - Independent Contractor
Virtual Office Jobs - Don't Pay to Work

Mental Health Counselor and Psychotherapist Isabel Kirk 

Isabel Kirk is a bilingual mental health counselor psychotherapist who offers face-to-face and online services. Ms. Kirk works with people from different ages and backgrounds regarding  a broad range of issues, such as: 

  • Relationships (marriage & dating)
  • Mood disorders (depression & anxiety, stress)
  • Trauma
  • Body image & eating disorders
  • Self-esteem
  • Domestic violence
  • Substance abuse. 

Isabel Kirk is also devoted to the field of positive psychology and prevention and offers her  support to people during processes of change and common life transitions. She specializes in grief, loss, and issues surround immigration.

 "Work From Home and You Don't Pay"

WHU founder goes over the aspects of Work Home Union.  What it's about? Why it was started and how you can benefit from this particular website.  

WHU was started in the fall of 2007 after it's owner was terminated from a Virtual Office position for trying to assist a co-worker in finding more work-from-home opportunities.

Work Home Union was formed to put together an International team of Self-Employed, Independent Contractors to lend support to one another across the globe.  The adage, "there's strength in numbers" is very applicable with WHU.

The analysis is only 30 minutes but very valuable insight on the advantages of being associated with 
Work Home Union.

How to Lose 2-3 Dress of Belt Sizes in 10 minutes with the New Body Magic

Shelia Robinson talks about Health and Wellness; about getting rid of those stubborn love handles in 10 minutes or less.  She will also be talking about the "New Body Magic" that's sweeping the U.S., and more!

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, 06/27/09, the show is entitled, "The Psychological Issues in Male and Female Relationships."  The age old question, why can't the sexes get along? 

Why is the divorce rate so high?  Why are we often antagonistic toward one another?

These issues and more will be addressed in the "Psychological Issues Between Male, Female Relationships."

Here are more upcoming BTR shows:

  • Single and over 40
  • 2009 NFL Season
  • Starting a new business 1
  • Starting a new business 2

How do you share in the revenues of BTR

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  3. We are developing reporting tools, which will be available in January 2008, so you can easily track how many listeners you have had and how much cash you have earned.
  4. As always, for our basic service, we will continue to host your shows and provide our tools at no charge.

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