Work Home Union was set up to help those in search of legitimate opportunities to work from home.  After 5 years of research we have put together a website, blog, and yahoo group that offers a plethora of  virtual office prospects.  Every job or position we advertise is free for you to apply.  The only expenses associated is for the equipment you might have to use, such as a landline phone or a headset.  This equipment applies to customer support, tech support, or sales positions that require you to be on the phone.  There are various other jobs available that only require a computer and high speed internet access.

There are expenses associated with maintaining the Work Home Union web site.  Therefore your donations, in any amount, are certainly appreciated.  Donations are securely made via PayPal.  Our parent company, TASKE INC, is the name you will see on your PayPal receipt.  Your donations are tax deductible.


Work Home Union

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