Apply for Government Grants


Tired of all the "Free Grant" misinformation?  Here is all the information you need to secure your own Grants for only a $3 investment.

I invested $1000 with the National Grants Conference and honestly would have come out better if I did the research myself.  I never secured a grant, didn't even come close.  When time expires, after one year, they charge you thirty per month to continue to receive spurious information.  Not to mention the frustration that comes from being on hold anywhere from 15-30 minutes on every call.

The National Grants Conference pay motivational speakers tons of money to advertise their product in order to dupe people into buying into the program.  Once the $1000 is paid the focus is no longer on you, it's more on bringing in new members. NGC makes the bulk of their income off the top.  Less than 20% of those who invest $1000 actually secure a Grant, and that's after spending more money.

My experience with NGC led me to go out on my own to find solid information pertaining to securing Government Grants.  After two years of researching Government Grants, Loans, Subsidies, and Federal Assistance Programs I have put together a list of valuable contacts, addresses, and phone numbers, that will provide a legitimate road map to secure financial assistance for your business, education, or personal.

The information has been streamlined in an easy-to-follow spreadsheet (links included) for your convenience.  We'll also update the information from time to time.  We thank you for sharing in this opportunity to get your business started on the right track.

In order to offset the cost of this website, I am selling this valuable information for a minimal fee of