Setup for a new iPod, iPad, or iPhone

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Listed below are the
steps to transferring your data from your old device to the new

Step 1: Insert lightning cable into computer and into your old device. iTunes will automatically open.

Step 2: If iTunes sidebar not open, select "View," and "Show Sidebar (Ctrl + S for PC and Option + Cmd + S for MAC) and highlight your device under the "Devices" heading.

Step 3: Under "Backups" select the bullet, "This computer" and click the "Back Up Now" button to the right. This backs up your data from your old device.

Step 4: Remove lightning cable from old device, leave the other end in your computer; exit iTunes.

Step 5: Click the "Home" button on new device, select "Hello" in your language of choice and "Slide to set up."

Step 6: Select your language.

Step 7: Select your country

Step 8: Choose a Wi-Fi network and enter password for your wireless network, and tap "Join."

Step 9: Enable Location Services

Step 10: Set up your iPhone ... 3 choices are: (A) Set Up as New iPhone; (B) Restore from iCloud Backup; (C) Restore from iTunes Backup. Select the third option, "restore from iTunes backup.

Step 11: Connect to iTunes by inserting the lightning cable into your new device. Re-open iTunes.

Step 12: Under "Devices" you will see your device minus your name, it will show "iPhone" instead of "John's iPhone." To the right on your computer screen you will see, "Welcome to Your New iPhone."

Step 13: Select the bullet, "Restore from this backup" and click the drop-down arrow to the right. The latest backup will be at the top, without a date, you will see "Last Backed Up: Today 12:32 PM" (or whatever time it was when you backed up your old device). Click "Continue."

Step 14: A small window opens on your computer showing, "Restoring iPhone from backup .. Time remaining: ..." and a progress bar.

Step 15: Window opens to show that your new iPhone has been restored and to the right you'll now see under devices, "John's iPhone."

Step 16: If a box opens in iTunes showing, "A new iPhone software version (7.0.3) is available for the iPhone 'John's iPhone'. Would you like to download it and update your iPhone now?" Select "Download and Update." Click "Next" on the subsequent screen and then click "Agree."

Step 17: At the top of iTunes you will see, "Downloading 1 item", "iPhone Software Update (15 minutes remaining) .. actual minutes may vary.

Step 18: As you're waiting for the update to finish, click the "Home" button on your device, you'll be asked to "slide to open" again and to enter your wi-fi password again.

Step 19: On your iPhone screen you will see, "To finish setting up iCloud, enter the Apple ID password for "" Enter your AppleID password and tap on "Next" at the top right of your screen (you will also have the option to "Skip This Step." You will see, "Updating iCloud Settings."

Step 20: If iMessage and FaceTime was set up on your old device, the information will be backed up to your new device and you will see blue checks to the right of your email address. Click "Next."

Step 21: "Welcome to iPhone" .. tap on "Get Started." You will see the same home screen that saw on your old device.

Step 22: "Sign In to iTunes Store" .. enter your AppleID password and click "OK."

Step 23: "This iPhone has been successfully restored. Would you like to set a passcode now?" Click "Later" rather than "Continue" because you can set up a passcode at any time.

Step 24: If you see, "Software Update" .. "iOS 7.0.4 is now available for your iPhone" tap on "Close" because at this point you will have about 5 minutes remaining with the iTunes Software Update.

Step 25: All of your apps will not immediately show up. When the backup nears completion you will see "Waiting for iPhone" at the top of iTunes and your device will restart. You will see the wheel, then the Apple logo and a thin progress bar below the logo.

-- 25A. At top of iTunes you will see "Verifying updated iPhone software" and you will still see the Apple logo on your device.

-- 25B. At top of iTunes you will see, "Updating iPhone software" at the top of iTunes and again, "Verifying updated iPhone software." The progress bar on your iPhone, below the logo, is moving toward the right.

-- 25C. The messages at top of iTunes completes; the progress bar on your iPhone will restart then disappear. You will see the logo for another few seconds then, "Hello", "Slide to Set Up" again. If you're asked to enter AppleID password again, do so. You will see the "Create a Passcode" screen, below the blank box you will see, "Don't Add Passcode."

-- 25D. All your apps may not have come over in the restore but you will see at the top of iTunes, "Syncing "John's iPhone" (Step 1 of 4) "Preparing to sync." As it syncs, more of your apps will begin to show up. You will see "Determining and Preparing apps to sync" around the "Step 3 of 4" mark. "Step 4 of 4" shows "Waiting for items to copy" and more apps will appear on your device. Those apps that are a darker shade are still in the process of syncing.

-- 25E. At the top of iTunes you will see, "Copying 1 of 77" or however many apps that are still in the process of being downloaded to your device.

-- 25F. If one or two apps do not transfer over, click on "Apps" in the sidebar, highlight the app that did not update, click, drag, and drop it on your iPhone under "Devices."

Step 26: Once all your apps have downloaded, the last step, from your old device, Go to Settings -

-- 26A. You also may need to turn on automatic downloads on your device by going to Settings - iTunes & App Store - Automatic Downloads .. switch to "On" ..

If you're no longer going to use your old device, go to - Settings - General - Reset - Erase All Content and Settings .. You will be asked to enter your passcode (if you have one), you'll be asked to enter your AppleID password, and "Erase iPhone" ..

Total time: 15 to 30 minutes.

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