Earning a living on the Internet can be done and is being done by millions across the globe. Generating 100 percent of your income from the Web means you have no boss; it means you report to no one; you can never be fired, and you can work from just about anywhere. How cool is that? A few more astonishing things about the Internet are: it will never go out of business, itís open 24/7, your online business never closes, and with Social Networking, you can advertise for free.

After 24 years working in Corporate America, I've spent the past 5 years researching various, legitimate ways to make money online. It took a couple of years to begin to recognize the scams from the real deals. What became evident was you do not have to pay one dime to make money on the Internet. Your biggest investment is not money, it is time.

When you are looking for work the traditional way, filling out applications, resumes, and going on interviews, you donít pay. That is the way it should be on the Internet; never pay to work virtual office. You can work from home and generate income from the comfort of your living room, from the beach, Starbucks, Barnacles, Buffalo Wild Wings, or anywhere thereís a Wi-Fi connection.

Setup a Blog and a website. You can start out with just a Blog because it's free, but somewhere down the road, to maximize your earnings, you will need a website. Your website is your foundation, your hub, your home on the Internet. Your website is where you tie everything together. Your Blogs, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Writing sites (such as eHow, Associated Content, Helium, Bukisa), BlogTalkRadio, Affiliate Programs, and Contextual Ad Programs, will all be linked to, and displayed on your website. 

Again, you can place the aforementioned sites on your Blog as well, however, the major difference between having a website versus a Blog is that a website makes you appear more legitimate. Your domain name for your website will more than likely spell out your business name in some form, whereas the URL for your Blog will include the company that allows you to blog for free, thereby giving you somewhat of a cheesy name. For example, Wal-martís website is Wal-mart.com, and if they had a blog it might be something like, Wal-mart/our-blog.com. Thatís OK for a blog name but you donít want that name to represent your online venture.

You will need a hook, a lure, or a theme, for your website.  Since you will be in the business of Internet Marketing, itís not a good idea to feature one particular business exclusively. If your business is 90 percent or more of what your site is about you will still need to incorporate many forms of advertising. This is necessary because your goal is to create residual income and generate as much money as you can from the Internet. Therefore itís important for your site to be flexible and updated consistently. A good website is always a work-in-progress. It will of course, look finished and be complete, but there is always room for improvements and updates.

Most major companies have Affiliate Programs. Join programs that you can mesh in with your site, and programs that you can write and blog about. Once you have joined the Affiliate Programs strategically place the banners on your blog and website (as I have placed banners on this web page). Here's a good way to utilize and coordinate blogging and Affiliate Programs.  Join the Netflix Movie Rental Affiliate Program, then blog about your favorite movie. Place a banner (image) of your favorite movie within the article itself, and your site visitors will be able to join Netflix directly from your site. You will get anywhere between $15 and $20 for the visitor joining the program from your website.

Join Contextual Ad programs, or In-Text Ad programs such as Google Adsense, InfoLinks, and Kontera. Once you join you will be instructed on how to easily generate a code or script that you will copy and paste to the backend of your site. From that point forward, every word you write on your blog or website has the potential to make you money. Google Adsense, InfoLinks, and Kontera are ďPay-Per-ClickĒ programs, and you are paid for every click of a highlighted word on your site. Just donít click on your own ads/links because doing so is unethical and it will get you kicked out of the program. Context Ad programs can be a major part of your passive income so you really want to be careful to make sure that your clicks are legitimate. Just place the code and allow your visitors to determine if they want to click on a highlighted word or not.

Linking text to revenueInfolinks is considered the next generation of In-Text Advertising and is leading the industry with the most relevant in-text advertising links along with the highest revenue share. Hereís a real example of what you can make with Infolinks.

Researching Infolinks over the past 4 months, they pay about .15 cents per click. Therefore, if you average at least 30 clicks per day you will make about $900 monthly.  The lighter red high-lighted text on this page is InfoLinks at work.

Join a Writing website such as eHow, Helium, Associated Content, or Bukisa. In the first 6-12 months of writing itís important that you focus on one writing site in order to build up residual income from the site. Once you have your monthly income from the site somewhere between $300 and $500, itís ok to start writing for another site, but until then, you will be spinning your wheels if you join too many writing sites from the start.

Write articles that are somehow related to your hub, or your home on the web. In the long run, this brings traffic to your website, and that is what you want, tons of traffic. Submit your articles to the free search engines on the web. The more views you have, the more money you can make on a particular article. Once your article is submitted, once it hits the web, you can make money for as long as you are associated with the writing site, or for as long as the site stays in business. This is why itís important to select a reputable writing site.

Join BlogTalk Radio. This is free Internet Radio that allows you to host your own show and interview whomever youíd like, for free. You are paid by the number of people that listen to your interviews. When you conduct an interview it can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, and itĎs recorded automatically. When your interview is complete you can embed a player into your site and have your interview to start playing automatically when people come to your site, or they can click on the Play button. Itís best to allow your visitors to click the Play button rather than have the player to start automatically. This way youíre sure not to offend anyone if they donít care to hear your interview about daffodils.

BlogTalk Radio is free, unless you want additional time and a few other perks, but the free version is really all you need to start. Place your best interviews on your website, and do change them periodically to keep your material fresh. Conducting the interviews creates a win-win situation because the person you are interviewing can promote their business while you make a little cheddar. Utilizing BlogTalk Radio is another way to create residual income.

Make sure you spend time tweaking your blog with new journal entries on a regular basis. You also want to associate your blog with the International blogging community. Comment on as many blogs as you can because every time you comment itís equivalent to planting a seed. You want your seeds all over the Internet. Link your blog to several different countries (most international online communities have an English version) and International online newspapers. Most have a forum or blog and you can comment on whatís going on in their country or whatís going on Internationally.

Here are some recommended sites you can link to:

Argentina News, Atlanta Journal, Australia News, BBC Newsline Ticker, Buenos Aires, Canada News, Chile News, China Daily, CNN News, Egypt Daily News, Finland News, Germany News, India Headlines, Italy News, Jakarta Post, Japan Today, LA Times, London Times, Mexico City, NY Times, Rio de Janeiro, Russia Today, South Africa Info, South African Post, and Turkey News. Just to name a few.

You will need to sign up or register for the aforementioned sites. When registering use your domain name as your user name on each site, without the .com or .net. More than likely, the user name will be available. Use your domain name as your user name because it will show up on every post. Most blogs, forums, and newsgroups will provide a link directly back to your website. This is whatís meant by ďplanting your seed.Ē You want to plant your seed all over the Internet.

A relatively new form of Internet Advertising is called, ďPay-Per-Call.Ē Sign up at Commission Junction for the Pay-Per-Call program. This program pays you when your visitors call a number from a banner on your website. Companies such as Allstate, Angieís List, CashNetUSA, HealthcareOne, eFax, Service Magic, TKNO, and a few others participate in the Pay-Per-Call program. These companies pay you when a caller inquires about their service. For example, Allstate pays you $10 if the caller stays on the phone for at least 2 minutes; Angieís List pays $1 if the call is 36 seconds, and $7 if the call is at least 5 minutes; and CashNet pays $8 if the duration of the call is 1 minute and 30 seconds and beyond.

The banners on your website will list the toll free number for your visitors to call. More often than not, the caller will certainly be on the phone long enough for you to get paid. As stated earlier, this must be done in an ethical fashion because as soon as you start trying short cuts, illegitimate clicks, bogus calls, etc., you will find yourself planting seeds for your own destruction and will inevitably find yourself back on a 9-5.

Join Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and one or two other Social Networking sites. Donít just join, but be active with your Social Networking Sites. Also join a few Social Bookmarking sites, such as Del.icio.us, Digg, Mixx, Propeller, Reddit, Squidoo, and StumbleUpon. These are sites that allow you to promote your articles and propagate them throughout the Internet.

Another form of Socializing on the Internet that will help promote your business is to start your own Yahoo or MSN Group. Solicit to like-minded individuals to be a part of your team. You want a solid network of people who work hard and are all about working together for the benefit of all involved parties.